How this site came to be?

When I attended an online game industry meeting, and introduced myself as a Chinese intellectual property lawyer, most foreign friends shrugged their shoulders in confusion: Are there any Intellectual Property rights in China?


My answer was: Yes! China’s intellectual property laws and regulations are almost the same as those in Western countries. In fact, in 2010, about 42,931 intellectual property cases were filed in local courts around China and more than 6,000 people were convicted for crimes of intellectual property rights infringement.


After the meeting, I decided to set up a website to introduce foreign friends to  Chinese Intellectual Property laws. My goal is for this site to become a bridge linking East and West so that my foreign friends learn that even in China, you can protect your intellectual property and other lawful rights. This website will analyze popular cases and introduce the enforcement standard of Chinese commercial laws, with a focus on intellectual property law.


Furthermore, as Chinese lawyers, our service team has helped many international corporations to invest in China and protect their intellectual property rights. We are looking for more opportunities to help foreign corporations resolve any problems they have in daily operations.


The legal services on the website are provided by the team from Shanghai DeBund Law Offices.

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Field of business activities: Intellectual property (Copyright, PatentTrademarkTrade Secret) ;Corporation affairsForeign investmentLabor & Personnel).

Working time of the Team: 9:00—18:00 (Beijing), 1:00-10:00(GMT)

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Mr. You Yunting
Partner of DeBund Law Offices, Shanghai, China

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