If Blizzard Changes the Agent of The Legend of Mir II, Can Players’ User Data stored by Netease Be Totally Transferred?

(By You Yunting) Blizzard, a US company recently announced[1] that the license agreement with Netease would expire on 23rd January 2023 and that the parties failed to reach a renewal agreement that conformed to Blizzard’s operational principles and commitments to players and staff members, so it would suspend most of Blizzard’s game services relating to the World of Warcraft, etc. in the Chinese mainland. Let’s discuss this incident and related issues below. Is it possible to renew the agreement? Will the game services be terminated if the agreement renewal failed? If Blizzard changed the Chinese agent, can players’ data be totally transferred?


How to Send Data in Chinese Concept Share Audit Papers Abroad?

(By You Yunting) China and the US recently signed the Audit Supervision Cooperation Agreement, allowing supervisors and inspectors of the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) to review audit materials of Chinese companies listed in the US in Hong Kong, including complete audit papers containing all information. According to media reports, Alibaba, JD and Yum China are the first businesses to be audited.[1] Audit papers contain large amounts of data and personal information of domestic users (collectively “data”). I would like to discuss whether the audit paper review by the US parties is outbound data transfer and what procedures should be followed to transfer the data abroad according to Chinese laws.


Are There Any Differences between WPS and Apple in Scanning Users’ Cloud Data?

(By You Yunting and Wang Ting) According to media reports[1] , the office software WPS recently got involved in a privacy case where one of its users alleged that WPS blocked his local and cloud files without any reasons and caused him unable to use them with the system showing that “they may contain something prohibited and are no longer accessible”. WPS replied that actually, it is the shared link of certain online files that is suspected of violating rules and WPS correspondingly invalidated the access to such link pursuant to laws. However, WPS was still criticized for its scanning users’ data.


An Overview of Key Points in the Measures for Data Outbound Transfer Security Assessment

(By Wang Hongliang) Just after the latest publication of my article about the compliance concerning outbound transfer of personal information, in which I referred to the Measures for Data Outbound Transfer Security Assessment (Exposure), the exposure version became official regulations on July 7th.

Accordingly, safety evaluation, the strictest way to transfer data abroad became the first one regulated in law. The Measures for Data Outbound Transfer Security Assessment is generally in the context of previous exposure versions. I would like to give a brief explanation of key points in the Rules.


How will Chinese Regulations on Cross-Border Data Transfers Affect Data Compliance?

(By Gao Tianyi and You Yunting) China’s legal system for dealing with data security and personal information protection standards has been established*, but more detailed rules and standards are in the process of being formulated. This article will mainly discuss the new requirements for, and new changes in, data localization and compliance management regarding cross-border data transfers.

The analysis shows that those who use data from China should keep abreast of changes in policy orientation within the country, in order to avoid potential regulatory risks.