China’s Millionth Invention Patent, a Global Record Made in the Shortest Time

As reported, China issued a patent certificate which marked the 1 millionth invention patent granted in the country. However, it only took China 27 years to achieve that amount in the invention patent since the nation’s first patent law took effect in 1985, and it’s also the record to make that achievement in the shortest time.

China spent 6 years to see her 10, 000th invention patent in 1991, and another 12 years to total 100, 000 invention patents (2003). But it only took the country 9 years to increase from 100, 000 invention to the 1 millionth (2012). So far as is known, till the end of the 2nd season of 2012, SIPO has received 3.114 million applications for invention patents, and of the 1 million granted by the middle of July, ,518,000 came from China.