In Selling Train Ticket Insurance, Why Did Deliberately Break the Unfair Competition Law?


(By You Yunting) The greed of and (NASDAQ: CTRP) has been fully revealed, for they have added insurance fees as a compulsory sale with its train ticket offerings. In reality, all JD and Ctrip want to do is become engaged in the huge amount of train ticket transactions that take place every year in China, yet not be restricted by the statutorily imposed agency fee of up to RMB five Yuan. Clearly, it is plain to see that these two parties have sold insurance tacked onto ticket agency train tickets as a means of gaining even more profit. However, such a strategy could be considered entirely invalid, and in addition likely in violation of the Unfair Competition Law due to its chasing of illegal profits through such sales.


Has Apple Protected Its APP through the BSA?

The Second Record of the Day Four of the US Visit

(By You Yunting) In late March, the author had the opportunity to make a journey to the United States at the invitation of the U.S. government in order to better understand how the U.S. IPR system operates. On the morning of the fourth day of the journey, the writer visited the Business Software Association (BSA), which originally was not on the list of places to visit; it was later added on the recommendation of the writer. Despite this, the BSA received us with a chief inspection officer. The following is a record of our discussion carried out on that day. The topic of this post only concerns part of the discussion, and the reader may skip to the last part of this article if it interests you.