How to Infer the Trade Secret Disclosure by Original Staffs in China?


(By Albert Chen) How to demonstrate one’s original employee has presented the trade secret gained during his/her service to the new employer, who thereafter makes benefit of it? As no direct evidences are available, in the current judicial practices, the principle of “similarity, contactable and excluding lawful origin” has been adopted for the case judging.

Case Summary:

Zhao once had her employment with Jiashan Shengguang Electronics Co., Ltd. (the “Company S”) from February 20th 2002 to March 19th 2006, and was in charge of the sales of the company. During her service there, Zhao, as the representative of Company S, concluded several transactions on vehicles lighting with Mexican DDB Company.


Parody on Copyrighted Works Could Be Infringement? II

the poster of the parodic World of Warcraft

By Albert Chen

II. Is it necessary infringing of parody?

Just like analyzed above, the “transformative use” may be the re-creation basing on the ideas, and also could be the re-creation relying on the “expression”. Therefore, the infringement of parody could not be determined in general and should be considered in situations.

1. The parody with transformative use of idea

The basic principle of Copyright Law is to protect the expression while such protection will not extend to the idea which is not detailed by the expression. Surely, there has regulated no specific standard or border between the abstract of idea and the concrete of expression, and that makes the judgment depend on the case analysis.