Comments on the Decided Case of “Explaining Pictures” from Three Lives and Three Worlds Woven Together by Secrets

(By Ni Tinggang) Beijing Internet Court recently closed a case arising from the right to transmit information on the internet, in which the defendant Shenzhen Shushu Technology Co., Ltd. (“Defendant”) transmitted a continuous series of pictures from the TV series Three Lives and Three Worlds Woven Together by Secrets (“Episodes in Dispute”) by using the method of “explaining a movie with pictures”, infringing the right to transmit on the internet proprietary information of the plaintiff Youku Network Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (“Plaintiff”). The court decided the identity of the infringing person and the exclusion of reasonable use for good reasons. However, I have noticed that the type of works in question and the plaintiff’s eligibility decided by the court is questionable and worth discussion.


How to Legally Use Mickey Mouse Brand and FIgure in China?

By You Yunting

About one month before, the IPR Committee of Shanghai Bar Association invited the police officer from the Economic Investigating Squadron of Shanghai Police Department to deliver a speech on the criminal protection over IPR issues. And in the communication after the seminar, the police officer raised a question to the acceded lawyers, “The Shanghai Disney Land will be constructed several years later, and it’s foreseeable that there could be stores selling Mickey Mouse or other figures articles with no license thereby granted around the park. Yet, by then, the copyright protection term on Mickey could be expired, and so what measures could be taken to strike the unlicensed using or selling?”


Parody on Copyrighted Works Could Be Infringement? I

the parodic portrait of ancient Chinese poet DU FU

By Albert Chen

On 7th June, 2012, the committee affiliated to Agencies for Cultural Affairs deliberated on the issues that could the derivative works and parody constitute the infringement to copyright (note: the link is in Chinese). And that marks the Japanese government facing up to the common problems KUSO in the country.

As a country with well-developed culture industry, Japan sees a large number of original cultural creations within the nation every year, including the cartoons, movies, games, etc. On the other hand, the derivatives of the existing works are also common in the country with the parody included. The trend of parody in Japan also influences the literature works of China, and thereby we see Lin Daiyu, the character in the noted A Dream in the Red Mansion, becomes a courtesan, the Monkey King begins to date with his master, and the generals in the Romance of Three Kingdoms have all been coquettes.