China’s Telecom Anti-Monopoly: What Troubles is the China National Development and Reform Commission Meeting?


(By You Yunting) According to media reports, the officer in charge of the China National Development and Reform Commission (the “NDRC”) in a recent statement was quoted as saying that the NDRC had always, and would continue to supervise the monopoly issues in relation to broadband access provided by China Telecom and China Unicom, and that the NDRC suffered from various reactions when it announced its investigation into China Telecom and China Unicom at the end of 2011. He also said that currently the 10G of bandwidth provided by China Telecom and China Unicom had been extended to 100G, and that it would still urge China Telecom and China Unicom to rectify this issue within a period of three to five years.


New iPad Comes to China in June & New Progress of iPad Battle in China as Reported

By You Yunting

According to the report, an insider said :” The New iPad will be officially on sale in the middle of this month in China mainland. Many dealers have begun to book orders. In addition, the insider said that Apple Inc and WeiGuan company have reached a” reconciliation” on some extent in the case of trademark IPAD in mainland.

According to the information announced by the website of Telecommunication Equipment Certification Center (A department under Chinese Ministry of industry and information technology ) in the end of last month, a mobile device of Apple( Apple, Inc., AAPL ) compatible with China Unicom ( China Unicom Ltd., CHU ) has obtained the license. From the wording of Telecommunication Equipment Certification Center, the device should be the Apple ‘s new iPad.


Anti-Trust Law: Please Leave A Window to the Private Enterprise

Abstract: The merger between Youku and Tudou has drawn wide attention of the medias. Someone event quoted the relevant administrative regulation to demand the initiation of the anti-trust investigation. Well, I hold the different opinion against it. It’s actually infeasible to take a monopoly status in China of private company in China, and to my opinion, the merger and acquisition by private sector shall be permitted by law and exempted from the investigation of anti-trust, which is complying with the purpose of legislature as well as the value orientation of the current phrase.