An Analysis of the Effect of Liability Limitation Clauses (Part I)

(By Guo Yaojie)Businesses may encounter contract risks in the course of regular business operation. Increasingly more businesses have become aware of the importance of risk prevention and started to put focus on risk control and prevention. Liability limitation clauses are often seen in contracts. What do liability limitation clauses mean? How do they work? What about the validity of liability limitation clauses in contracts? To find answers to these questions, read this article.

1.General liability limitation clauses


The Complicated Legal Problems concerning the Likeness of Jobs

Could the deceased’s right of likeness be protected in China?

Our website has posted the article How to Combat the Infringing Steven Jobs Doll in Chinese Market, introducing the Chinese laws and regulations regarding the infringement of right of likeness according to this event. Later, we read an American legal professional’s comment, Apple Won’t be Able to Stop Steve Jobs Action Figure from Going on Sale in Most States, saying Apple’s legal claim is largely bogus. While people can indeed own rights to their likeness, those rights usually apply only to living people. Unlike other forms of intellectual property like patents or copyrights, image rights do not survive beyond the grave in most places.