The Prospect and Challenge of China’s Share Transfer System for Medium and Small Sized Companies (the New Three Board)

(Yu Zhiyuan) In September 2012, the China Securities Regulatory Commission promulgated the Supervision & Management Measures for Non-Listed Public Companies (the “Measures”), and the Measures came into effect January 1 2013. The Measures could be adopted as a fundamental regulatory rule of the OTC market of the security market in China. On January 31 2013, the overall regulatory rules for the three new boards, the Interim Management Measures for Liability Limited Companies for the Share Option Transfer of Medium and Small Sized Companies in China (the “Interim Measures”) was also published. The system construction of the OTC market has stepped into a substantial phase. Considering the large scale of the OTC market has the ability to exert great influence on the OTC market among multiple countries; it deserves people’s attention concerning its prospects and challenges in the future.


China’s Latest Laws and Regulations in November of 2012, I

I. The Ministry of Commerce has Issued the Interim Provisions of the Ministry of Commerce on Equity Contributions Involving Foreign-funded Enterprises

On October 24, 2012, the Ministry of Commerce published the Interim Provisions of the Ministry of Commerce on Equity Contributions Involving Foreign-funded Enterprises (“Interim Provisions”), which came into effect on October 22, 2012. The Interim Provisions apply to the formation and modification of foreign-funded enterprises by domestic and foreign investors that hold equity in domestic enterprises as capital contributions. The conditions for equity contributions, procedures for application for approval, and so forth are explicitly defined in the Interim Provisions.


How to Legally Use Mickey Mouse Brand and FIgure in China?

By You Yunting

About one month before, the IPR Committee of Shanghai Bar Association invited the police officer from the Economic Investigating Squadron of Shanghai Police Department to deliver a speech on the criminal protection over IPR issues. And in the communication after the seminar, the police officer raised a question to the acceded lawyers, “The Shanghai Disney Land will be constructed several years later, and it’s foreseeable that there could be stores selling Mickey Mouse or other figures articles with no license thereby granted around the park. Yet, by then, the copyright protection term on Mickey could be expired, and so what measures could be taken to strike the unlicensed using or selling?”