Export Rebate: The Secret to the Cheaper Made-in-China Product Selling Outside China

It’s widely known that made-in-China products are selling at a cheaper price outside China, not only the OEM articles like Nike, but the China based Lenovo also follow that pricing. There are many reasons contributing to the different price, including pricing strategy, logistic cost, office rent, taxation and even the change or exchange rate. IN this essay, we prefer to discuss the cause of a cheaper price of the same article overseas from the aspect of tax rebate.

I. VAT rebated in export

To take the Nike shoes as the instance, when Nike plants export the shoes, China taxation authority will rebate the paid VAT occurred during the process of production and circulation before the export, and that’s called the “export tax rebate”. So, let’s first take a look at how many taxes shall be paid within Nike shoes’ manufacture and circulation before the export.


Matters for Attention in the Trademark Opposition

Recently, the Qiaodan Company (Qiaodan is the pronunciation of Michael Jordan’s name), a Chinese domestic sporting goods manufacturer, confronted trademark troubles on IPO in China, because Nike has opposed to 8 trademarks of Qiaodan, claiming that it might lead to the confusion with Nike’s “Air Jordan”. Nevertheless, such opposition was refused by China Trademark Office, and Nike filed no administration lawsuit afterwards.

The opposition filed by Nike to Qiaodan is based on the provision of the China trademark law:


Analysis on the Different Infringement Liabilities of Taobao Market and Tmall

Recently, the attorneys of Bridge IPR Commentary were interviewed by “China Intellectual Property “, an IPR magazine in China, and the details are as follows:

1. Taobao Market and Tmall are both the separate channels of Taobao, and Tmall was established after Market and now have its own domain name. Then is there any difference between Taobao Market and Tmall?

Unlike the stores in the Market applied by individual merchants with a relatively low threshold, the qualification for Tmall is much stricter for only licensed corporations could run the business in it, furthermore, the service of changing or refunding, after service and invoice are also demanded. Currently, the famous brands operating in Tmall include Lenovo, Haier, Nike and other well-known brands, which are similar to brand stores guaranteeing in service quality.