China Customs Requires that Patent Holders Update their Valid Certificates


(By You Yunting) We have already introduced today’s topic in our previous post how to record patents with China Customs. For more background information, please read this article first. Recently the Chinese General Administration of Customs has updated its previous recordation system for intellectual property rights enforcement and began to utilize this latest recording system from March 1, 2014. This updated recording system puts forward a new requirement that upon patent recordation, the right holder of a patent that has been recorded by Customs must present valid documents of the relevant patent rights before the given deadline, otherwise the patent recordation will be canceled.


Patent Issues for Attention on the Exhibition in China

The international exhibitions give enterprises great opportunity to release new technology or new product, which can help enterprises draw much public attentions. While such exhibitions are also annoyed by the patent dispute with damages the enterprises expectations on the exhibition. Today, Bridge IP Law Commentary today will give our analysis on the issues related to the exhibition patent.

I. Showing in an exhibition won’t cause a patent product lossing novelty

The priority of the trademark on the exhibition has been analyzed in our past post, while as to the patent right, the exhibition attendance could not necessarily bring the priority. According to Article 24 of Paten Law in China:

“An invention-creation for which a patent is applied for does not lose its novelty where, within six months before the date of filing, one of the following events occurred: (1) where it was first exhibited at an international exhibition sponsored or recognized by the Chinese Government”.