How Samsung Obtained Its Camera Trademark Under Class 9 Through Litigation in China


(By You Yunting) Initially in its application, SAMSUNG failed to obtain its Chinese-transliterated trademark for cameras by virtue of a prior-registered trademark under Class 9 for screen products.


Is there Any Local Protection in the Patent & Anti Monopoly Lawsuit between Monsanto and DuPont?


Visit to St. Louis in the US, Part II

(By You Yunting) At the end of this past March, at the invitation of the US government, the author visited America with other Chinese legal experts with the goal of better understanding its IPR system. The third city in the visit was St. Louis, located in the middle of the United States. On March 26 2013, the day where the most-watched lawsuit in the bio-science industry, the lawsuit between Monsanto and DuPont, entered into a mediation agreement, and coincidently, the second day after that, namely on March 28, the author visited Monsanto’s legal department in St. Louis to better understand the facts involved in the case. The day after that, the author went to the Federal Court in the Eastern District, in St. Louis, Missouri, and exchanged opinions regarding the case with the judge hearing it. Considering the influence coming from that lawsuit would not be less than that produced by the lawsuit between Samsung and Apple in the tech industry, the author would like to introduce to the readers some of the facts presented to us by the judge. Also, we would like to remind our readers that the title of this essay covers only part of the content of this post; that being said, it shall not be taken as suited for a professional study.


The Choice for Apple in China: Patent Lawsuit or Lower Price

According to the news of, for the fast developing and immensely potential mobile phone market in China, Apple has adjusted its phone strategy focusing on the increasing of the market penetration, which however facing the competition from the local manufacturer in China. For such challenges, Apple seems to be tending to file the patent lawsuit for more market share in the country.

In fact, Apple is actively suing its competitor globe-wide. Previously, Apple has filed patent lawsuit against SAMSUNG and HTC in U.S.A., Australia and Europe for its market share is eaten up by android phones, while for the robust iPhone market in England, no same or similar litigation has been initiated by Apple.