Analysis on the Data of Microsoft’s Combat against IPR Infringement

On 23rd February 2012, an article Michael Jordan Wants Respect for his Brand in China in Business Week reported Michael Jordan’s lawsuit against China Qiaodan Sports in China, and said that “After all, China is notorious as a haven for intellectual property rights (IPR) piracy. Microsoft (MSFT), to name just one example, has struggled for years to fight against unauthorized versions of Windows and Office. What makes Michael Jordan think he can succeed where Bill Gates has failed?”

But on 21st March, Mr. Simon L. K. Leung, Chairman and CEO of Microsoft China stated on the interview by Wallstreet Journal that the situation is improving and he credited a campaign against piracy led by China’s Ministry of Commerce, and said an increasing number of state-owned enterprises are using licensed software.


In China, It’s Easy to Be Put in Jail for IPR Infringement

The introduction on the minimum standard of IPR crimes

As the country being most frequently blamed for its intellectual property rights infringement, China has strengthened its legislature in IPR to wash its mud stuck reputation, though the enforcement of such laws still contains defect, any infringement against IPR could bring the criminal liability. In fact, many infringed companies have jailed the infringers for intellectual property infringement, such as the Microsoft against the author of “Tomato Garden”, Microsoft piracy and the IFPI against the owers of the “Knight Music”. Today, Bridge IP Law Commentary will introduce the regulations regarding to the lowest standards for crimes of trademark, copyright, patent and trade secret infringement. (the image above is the install CD of Tomato Garden)