How to Look at “Hideki Yukawa” (Physicist and Nobel Prize Winner) Trademarks on Toilet Covers from Chinese Law Perspective? Comments on Legality of “Hideki Yukawa” Trademarks

(By Chen Danfeng)

On dang dang, JD and other platforms there are descriptions of the book “The Traveller” published by Shanghai Translation Publishing House and its author professor Hideki Yukawa, famous physicist and the first Japanese winner of the Nobel prize.

Translatation of the information of the Original Cover:

About the Author

Hideki Yukawa (1907-1981)

He is famous Japanese physicist who was born in 1907 and studied physics at the science school of Kyoto Imperial University (now named Kyoto University). He was awarded PHD of Science by Osaka Imperial University (now named Osaka University) in 1938, started to work as professor of Kyoto Imperial University in 1939 and was given the award of the Japan Academy in the following year. He served concurrently as professor of Tokyo Imperial University (now named Tokyo University) and was awarded the Order of Culture in the following year. He went to the US as guest professor of Princeton Institute for Advanced Study in 1948 and became guest professor and professor of Columbia University in July, 1949. He was awarded the Nobel Physics Prize for creation of the meson theory and became the first Japanese winner of the Nobel prize. He died of illness in Kyoto in 1981.