Can Employees’ Nondisclosure Warranty Letter Be A Confidential Measure in China?


(By Albert Chen) According to the Anti Unfair Competition Law, one of the conditions required for something to constitute a trade secret is whether sufficient measures have been taken for such information to remain confidential. In practice, apart from an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement), other confidential articles that explicitly indicate the inclusion of remuneration for confidentiality in an employee’s pay, as well as written warranties issued by an employee can both be considered confidential measures in law sufficient to properly maintain a trade secret.


Analysis on the Legal Nature of Registration Code Cracking Software in China

The cyber age is a big challenge to the company like Microsoft, Adobe and Autodesk whose income mainly comes from the stand-alone software, for any netizen could get access to the copyrighted software easily through internet.

To prevent the easy software copy and pirating, the company tends to use the registration code or serial number for the software activation, or to adopt the DRM (digital right management) technology. However, a new problem is probably arousing after the old is settled, the solution of cracking is developed for such registration codes. Bridge IP Law Commentary today will analyze the legal responsibility for such cracking,