China Laws and Regulations Update in March 2023

1. Amendments to Legislative Law of the People’s Republic of China

Promulgated by National People’s Congress

Promulgation date: 14 March 2023

Implementation date: 15 March 2023

Document number: NPC’s decision to amend the Legislative Law

According to the decision, the main content of the amendment is 1. improvement of legislative guidelines and principles, 2. administration of the Constitution and its supervision and clarification of Constitution compliance review requirements for the work on legislative and recordation review; 3. improvement of the mechanism for connecting and unifying legislative and reform decisions and the decision making rules for grant of powers; 4. implementation and demonstration of the whole-process people’s democracy philosophy; 5. scientific, democratic and legal legislation requirements; 6. the legal status of supervision laws and improvement of entities responsible for formulating rules of departments under the State Council; 7. improvement of legislative powers of a city divided into districts and clarification of rules and the work mechanism on coordination in local law making between districts; 8. improvement of recordation review rules; and 9. improvement of the work on legal advocacy. (Source: NPC website)