China Laws and Regulations Update in June 2021

1. Law Against Food Wastes of the People’s Republic of China

Promulgated by the National People’s Congress

Promulgation date: 29 April 2021

Implementation date: 29 April 2021

Document number: Chinese president order 78

The law consists of 32 articles covering definition of food wastes, rules and requirements against food wastes, duties of governments and departments, responsibilities of different persons, incentive and restriction measures and legal responsibilities. It emphasizes the national policy of strict economy against wastes, clarifies duties of governments at different levels and departments of the state council, sets standards for business meals and activities of restaurants and other food businesses, gives individuals and families correct guidance as to the concept of consumption; establishes a social governance mechanism against food wastes with government leadership, department collaboration, industrial guide, media attention and public participation and creates legal obligations in a scientific way, imposing rigid restrictions and strictly administering rules with a strong determination to prevent wastes.