China Trademark Application Examination Period Decreased to 10 Months

As reported by, it was released on the China Industry and Commerce Administration Conference on 26th, December, 2011 that the trademark examination period is further shortened to the current 10 months calculating from the documents submitting to the examination due, and on the other hand, the trademark opposition and dispute hearing could be finished within 18 months, which has reached the level of U.S.A and Japan.

For the rapid development in the economy, the trademark application in China surpassed the annual examinable amount around 2000, which then led to the overstock. And the examination period was prolonged to more than 3 years by the end of 2007. On that account, the administration took series measures to promote the process, and consequently, the examination period was reduced to less than 1 year by the end of 2010.

It’s also disclosed on the Conference that the application and review examined till the end of November of 2011 by the Trademark Office and the Trademark Review and Adjudication Board affiliated to the State Administration of Industry and Commerce was respectively 1, 074,900 and 30, 400. And now the trademark application has reached 9, 576, 000 with the registered totaled as 6, 559, 000, among which the effective registration has been 5, 423, 000. And all these data counted are rank first around the world.

Bridge IP Law Commentary thinks, both the shortened examination period and the annual examination volume of more than 100 million, though the quality of part application still less qualified, demonstrates the increasing attention on the IPR issues by China administration. Also from the data, we could conclude that the administration efficiency is increasing for the overstock was settled with the new administrative means, and after all it’s less than 20 years after the market-oriented economy was carried out in China. And please make us know you any question concerning the trademark issues in China, and we shall try our best to give you the reply.

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