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1. All the articles here are the original works by Bridge IP Law Commentary (the “website”), with its copyright and other intellectual property rights reserved by Mr. You Yunting, the founder of the website, and shall be protected by laws and regulations applicable.

2. Without written permission from the website, no unit or individual shall, in any methods or on any ground, use, copy, modify, transmit, spread or bundled the whole or part of the essays or information herein posted with any other products for profit purposes.

3. As to the Statutory License or Fair Use as provided in China Copyright Law, no misinterpretation or modification on the content of the posts or information contained shall be made, either any modification, deletion or concealing of the author’s name, moreover, “originally by Bridge IP Law Commentary” shall also be noted in the quote or reproduction. Furthermore, the user shall pay the remuneration to the author as regulated by laws and regulations.

4. All the news reports and pictures in the posts are from the source of fair use, and the right owner of such information may contact us through the Email as follows shall he/she dissent from such uses:

5. Any disputes of copyright or other intellectual property issues related to the website shall be  subject to China laws and regulations applicable.

6. The website preserves the right of claim in law for those violations against the Copyright Policy or other illegal or malicious use of the website.



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