Latest News: Proview Plans to Apply for iPad Import Prohibition in Custom

As reported by Sina tech (the link is in Chinese), Attorney Ma Xiaodong, the legal representative of Proview, stated on 13th February that Proview is preparing the documents for the complaint to the custom house for the import prohibition of Apple’s iPad.

To Ma’s introduction, the Industry & Commerce Administration of Shandong, Hebei, Hunan, Sichuan and Guangdong (all are the provinces of China) has engaged in the trademark dispute, with most documents for the government’s investigation are provided by Proview. He also disclosed that the temporary administrative measures taken by the local organs vary among the provinces, among which the administration of Shijiazhuang, Hubei province detained the device, while in most other regions, iPad is only demanded for stop sale.

Ma also told Sina Tech that Proview is the sole owner of iPad trademark in mainland China, and Apple has been infringing the right, and “All facts are tremendously clear”.

He also pointed out that Proview has not made specific claim of the compensation to Apple in order for the conciliation with the tech giant, who actully however shows little sincerity for the negotiation and too arrogant to take any compensation Proview may claim.

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