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游云庭You Yunting

Founder of Bridge IP Law Commentary

Attorney-at-law, Partner of DeBund Law Offices;




You Yunting is a Partner and Intellectual Property Attorney of Shanghai Debund Law Offices. He graduated from East China University of Political Science and Law and obtained his bachelor degree and LLM degree.


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  • Mr. You passed his bar examination in 1998 and has been practicing law since 2007;


Practice Areas

  • Mr. You practices primarily within intellectual properties and foreign investment. Intellectual properties include IP related ligation, counseling and transactional work on patent, trademark, copyright, unfair competition, registration, its administrative procedures, administrative ligation, license and business negotiation. Foreign investment includes M&A, investment and financing for domestic legal entities and Variable interest entities. Mr. You has extensive experience in related legal services for internet games.


Working Experience

  • Advanced Legal Counsel, Shanghai Worldbest Import and Export Corporation Ltd;
  • Advanced Legal Counsel, Shanda Networking Co. Ltd;
  • Lawyer, Shanghai JoinWay Law Firm.



  • LLB, East China University of Political Science and Law, 1998;
  • LLM, East China University of Political Science and Law, 2005.


Working Language

  • Chinese and English.


Representative Cases

Trademark Administrative Procedure and Dispute Resolution

  • Represented CRICCHINA to file administrative procedures, such as trademark registration, opposition, rejection review and opposition review;
  • Represented Xiaohongshu, Liepin, Zhibo8, Tianma and other well-known internet enterprises to file trademark registration and trademark application strategy establishment;
  • Represented Shanghai Xinhaoyi to file Madrid trademark application and succeeded in trademark registration in Britain, Italy and Germany.


Trademark Protection:

  • Represented Louis Vuitton to file several trademark protection cases;
  • Represented Germany Zimmer to file trademark protection cases;
  • Represented Kangcheng Investment to file trademark infringement cases against copycatted RT-MART (this case is advised to one of TOP10 Shanghai Typical IP Cases);
  • IQIYI vs. aiqiyi8 Trademark Infringement (Plaintiff’s Attorney);
  • Wenzhou Yunfan vs. Shanghai U17 Trademark Infringement (Defendant’s Attorney);
  • Kangzhilesi vs. Shanghai Yurong Trademark Infringement (Defendant’s Attorney).


Copyright Protection

  • Beijing Sohu ChangYou Co., Ltd vs. Beijing Kylin Net Information Tech Co., Ltd Software Infringement (Respondent’s Attorney);
  • EMI vs. Copyright Infringement (Respondent’s Attorney);
  • Emperor Entertainment vs. Shanghai Youdu Copyright Infringement (Defendant’s Attorney);
  • com vs. Qihoo Copyright Infringement (Plaintiff’s Attorney);
  • Represented Warship Girls R to file copyright affirmation cases and other infringement cases.


Unfair Competition

  • com vs. Beijing Unfair Competition (Plaintiff’s Attorney);
  • IQIYI vs. Shanghai Zhencai (and other companies) Unfair Competition (Plaintiff’s Attorney);


Patent Protection

  • Hangzhou HIKVISION ROBOTICS Technology Co., Ltd. vs. HANGZHOU YAMEILIJIA TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. Patent Infringement (Defendant’s Attorney);
  • Hangzhou HIKVISION Digital Technology Corporation, Hangzhou HIKVISION Technology Co., Ltd. vs. Shenzhen Tuopu Video Technology Development Co., Ltd. Patent Infringement (Plaintiff’s Attorney).


M&A and Investment

  • Orient Landscape Industry Co., Ltd Acquiring Shanghai Shidai Architecture Design Company (Buyer’s Attorney);
  • Alibaba’s Acquiring a game company (Variable Interest Entitles) (Seller’s Attorney);
  • Participated in Zhuoshichengjiu’s Series A, A+ round Financing (Financier’s Attorney) (Issuing a Legal Opinion for Domestic Companies)
  • Represented Yodo1 in its Series B-1 round Financing (Financier’s Attorney); (Issuing a Legal Opinion for Domestic Companies)
  • Participated in Liulishuo’s Series B, C round Financing (Financier’s Attorney) (Issuing a Legal Opinion for Domestic Companies) (Issuing a Legal Opinion for Domestic Companies)
  • Participated in Tezign’s Series A round Financing (Issuing a Legal Opinion for Domestic Companies) (Issuing a Legal Opinion for Domestic Companies)


Apple Store Complaints and Counter-notice

  • Represented Kingnet’s “全民奇迹MU”App to file complaints and remove “口袋奇迹”App from AppStore;
  • Represented Huanmeng Network to file complaints and remove “Warship Girls”App from AppStore;
  • Represented Baozou, 9158, MEITUAN, DIANPING, Zhibo8, Wuhan Weipai and other well-known internet enterprises to provide legal services of complaints and counter-notices.



  • Co-translating with his wife the Commentaries on the laws of England, written by Sir William Blackstone in 18th century;
  • Writing hundreds of blogs and being advised as one of the popular internet IP blog;
  • Writing dozens of legal thesis on academic journals, magazines and web medias like Legal Daily, China IP News, China Industry and Commerce News, China Business News, PC News, etc;
  • Setting up the Bridge IP Law Commentary to systematically introduce Chinese Intellectual property laws and regulations all over the World.


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