Litigation in China–A Long and Rocky Road

(By Dr. Wenbao Qiao) For foreign companies doing business in China, dispute and litigation may sometimes be inevitable. Once a dispute cannot be resolved out of court, there is a long and rocky road to the final success, with several important points to be considered for planning and handling of litigation in China:

Documents and Evidence

The first step of each procedure is to collect and prepare all necessary documents and evidence. According to Chinese law, documents and evidence from another country (such as excerpts from the commercial register or powers of attorney) have to be first notarized in their country of origin and then certified by the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in the respective country. Only notarized and certified documents and evidence will be accepted by Chinese courts. While preparing the documents and evidence, attention should be paid to the timeline required for the notarization and certification. There are several important statutory deadlines shown below. Failure to meet these deadlines can lead to the loss of a case. Notarization and certification in Germany usually takes two to three weeks, which in turn may play a critical role for the time schedule of trial preparation.


9 Billion Yuan Financing from Patent Pledge in 2011

In 2011, the patent pledge financing amounted to 9 billion yuan in China (involving 1953 patents), which enjoyed a 28% increase year by year and be the highest in recent 3 years. At present, the State Intellectual Property Office is studying and drafting the Guidelines of Intellectual Property Loan by Financial Institution in Banking Industry, which now has been made the exposure draft and will be issued soon.

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