Brief Introduction to Software Copyrighter’ s Right Limitation to Ultimate User

by Luo Yanjie

Under the system of China Copyright Law, what right limitations may come to software owners? And what rights and obligations are enjoyed or taken by the ultimate user and what’s the liability when the infringement occurs? Today we would like to give you the introduction on the issues. There are two main litigations on the PC software, namely the Copyright Law and the Regulations on the Protection of PC Software (the “Regulation”). But according to the latest exposure of the Copyright Law’s revision, the Regulation’s articles have been all regulated in the new drafted law; therefore, it is foreseeable that the Regulation may be abolished once there publicized the new Copyright Law.


More than 1 Trillion of Software Revenues in First 8 Months 2011

The China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (“MIIT”) released the economic statistics on software industry of first 8 months in 2011 on 26th September, 2011, which shows that the revenues of China software industry has totaled 1.112 trillion Yuan(1 USD equivalent of 6.5 RMB)by the end of August, with a year-on-year growth of 30.5%.

From January to August, the revenues of information consulting service and data processing & operation service has respectively achieved 103.2 and 150.1 billion Yuan, basing on a year-on-year raise of 38.5% and 35.7%. Furthermore, such revenues were up to 23% of the software industry revenues, 3 percentage points higher than that of the same period in 2010.