A Dispute and Settlement involving Technology Investments

Comments on a Shareholder’s Qualification Case Arising out of Technology Investments

(Steven Wang) Recently, the author has represented parties in a shareholder’s lawsuit, with the dispute centering on IPR investment. The court has already heard the case. The property value involved in the lawsuit totaled as high as RMB 300 million Yuan, and the laws applied in its hearing involved IPR law, contract law, and corporate law. The focus of the dispute referred to the patent, exclusive technology, contribution, revocation of shareholder qualification and the application of law when a number of conflicts arise among these different areas of the law.  These conflicts have caused a lot of discussion regarding these legal conflicts, and several conclusions have been reached regarding issues presented in the case.


Conditions for Dormant Investment Compliance in China

(By Lear Gong) Regulation No.3 on Several Issues Concerning the Application of the Company Law issued by the Supreme People’s Court (“Corporation Interpretation III”), which was promulgated and came into effect on January 27, 2011, contains specific regulation on application of law with respect to dormant investment. Regulation No.1 on Several Issues Concerning the Hearing of Disputes Involving Foreign Invested Companies by Supreme People’s Court (“Foreign Investment Interpretation I”) also contains detailed regulation on dormant investment in companies.