China Laws and Regulations Update in February 2022

1. Cyber Security Inspection Rules

Promulgated by Cyberspace Administration, etc.

Promulgation date: 4 January 2022

Implementation date: 15 February 2022

Rules adds activities of online platform operators processing data that affect or might affect national security, etc. to circumstances where cyber security inspection shall be conducted, clearly stating that online platform operators with over one million users’ personal information must apply for cyber security inspection to the cyber security inspection office before going listed abroad. For the purpose of the inspection, CSRC is added to members of the work mechanism for cyber security inspection and national security risk evaluation criteria, etc. are improved. Accordingly, three possible results of the cyber security inspection application are no inspection required, no effect on national security and approval for going listed abroad after the inspection and adverse effect on national security and refusal to grant approval for going listed abroad.