Why Ctrip’s Opponent Failed in Charging Its Advertisement’s Unfair Competition?

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(By Albert Chen) For the company operation in China, whether its slogan would constitute the unfair competition, it shall first judge whether the parties involved are conducting the same or similar industries. After that, it shall verify whether the defendant has conducted the accused propaganda. The last and also is the most important, it shall confirm whether the prohibitive words or phrases have been adopted in the slogan, or whether its description has appeared to be exaggerated or not the truth, and the fit with the fact shall also be judged.


Why SARFT’s Order for Price Limit on Movie Ticket Daily Deal Is Illegal?

As reported, the State Administration of Radio, Film & Television (“SARFT”) has issued the Exposure Draft of “The Guideline on The Further Regulation of The Movie Tickets Management” (the “Exposure Draft”) to its affiliated industry associations, which says that the price of the member ticket, group ticket and the preferential ticket shall not be less than 70% of the listed price in the cinema. The regulation has aroused wide argument for it focusing on the heating ticket group buying business. In our opinion, the Exposure Draft is to establish the price cartel, which is suspected to violate the Price Law, Anti-trust Law and Anti Unfair Competition Law. And the following is the opinions from Bridge IP Law Commentary: (the image above is the logo of NUOMI.COM, the first daily deal website selling movie ticket in China)