China Laws and Regulations Update in March 2022

1. Interpretation of Several Issues Connected with Application of General Principles of Civil Code

Promulgated by Supreme People’s Court

Promulgation date: 25 February 2022

Implementation date: 1 March 2022

Document number: L.I.[2022] 6

The Legal Interpretation of the general principles part mainly addresses three issues. First, the transition between Civil Code and old laws. After Civil Code was taken into action, the Provisions of Civil Law, the General Principles of Civil Law, the Contract Law, etc. are abolished with relevant legal interpretations such as the Instructions on the Provisions of Civil Law, the Legal Interpretation I of Contract Law, the Legal Interpretation II of Contract Law being abolished by the Supreme People’s Court. Many clauses in these legal interpretations are consistent with Civil Code and helpful for the work of judicial authorities and need to be retained and integrated to avoid law application problems during the transition, adversely affecting the implementation of Civil Code. Second, a collection of experiences and insights in legal practices acquired by courts over a long period of time. Civil Code was made by codification with many clauses sourced from its counterparts. Chinese courts have abundant experience in the application of these clauses to civil cases. These clauses need to be incorporated into it to ensure all cases are decided fairly. Third, in response to law application issues that call for clarification after the Provisions of Civil Law was taken into action. The majority of the General Principles of Civil Code come from the General Principles of Civil Law, which was in force for over four years, in which Chinese courts accumulated rich practical experience and put forward some law application issues to be addressed.