How to Resolve Online Video Copyright Disputes in China: Administration Supervision or Lawsuit?

How to combat video infringement, by administrative supervision or lawsuit? We’ve got different answers from the company and the government, and the following is the news related:

NEWS 1: By the report of on 29th December, 2011, Mr. Charles Zhang, CEO of SOHU, stated that the best way to improve the protection on copyright is the lawsuit. His comment is during the heated battle on video copyright between Youku (NYSE: YOKU) and Tudou (NASDAQ: TUDO).

Actually, SOHU does not stop in the words. Early in 2009, SOHU initiated China Internet Video Anti-Piracy Association, and accompanied with started the first copyright war against the infringement by the leading company in the industry like Youku, Tudou and Xunlei. Afterwards, there saw a rocketing price of the films or TV programs.