Is It Illegal for Microsoft to Use Firefox with Firebug Plugin in Evidence Preservation in China?

According to news reports, Microsoft along with Autodesk, filed a lawsuit in the Foshan Intermediate Court (note: the link is in Chinese) against a renowned company admitted in Foshan City, claiming computer software copyright infringement. The plaintiffs stated that the accused company had been using their software without any licenses or approvals. Based on this, the plaintiffs demanded compensation of RMB 8 million yuan, elimination of influence, cessation of infringement, and an apology. This case is not black and white and the court certainly has its own opinions, but today I would like to take this chance to discuss how to determine the legitimacy of evidence collection in cases of computer software infringement.


China Copyright Law’s Revision May Help Open Source Software Right Protection

Q&A on Open Source Software

Our lawyers are consulted by netizens of the open source software issue, and the following is the detail of the consultancy:

1. A question about the lawsuit object. Why the lawsuit concerning the open source software as a joint works shall be the necessary colitigation, and demands the participation of all the authors?

A: Please check the following regulation, several opinions on the application of China Civil Litigation Procedure Law by supreme people’s court.