Why Uber China Takes Legal Risks to Mega Millionaire Marketing Promotion?


(By You Yunting) Recently, Uber Shanghai carries out a marketing activity called Call for one hundred million by one button of Uber cooperated with 1qiaobao, an App owned by PINGAN INSURANCE GRP. According to the Uber’s official Weibo, users can use the Uber App to call the securicar provided by both Uber and 1qianbao, and anyone who is the winner of the caller can obtain all the financing earnings of one hundred million yuan, which is about ten thousand yuan. I think this activity has huge legal risks, therefore hereunder are the risks and its reason.


Why China Supreme Court Agree with Resigned Employees Establishing Competing Businesses?

(By Luo Yanjie) Abstract: The experience an employee gains throughout the course of his employment is regarded as a personal right under the law, and even though an employer may spend a great deal of time and money cultivating the employee and improving their skill set, if there was no noncompete agreement entered into prior to this, the employer will usually not be able to impede or stop a resigned employee from starting another business to compete with his or her previous employer.

For most companies, talent is considered its most valuable asset. With the development of the economy, market competition grows ever more fierce, and many employers find themselves troubled at the prospect of a number of employees “job hopping” to competitors, bringing the benefit of the employers’ training, experience and expertise with them. The case introduced herein is a typical case in which the employee was not bound by a noncompete, nondisclosure, or similar agreement. Facing stiff competition, many employers file suit on the basis of unfair competition, and yet, due to lacking substantial evidence, many employers end up failing in bringing a successful case.