Tips for Share Contribution with Copyright in China

By Luo Yanjie

Recently, Shanghai Laofengxiang Gift Company finished registration at Huangpu branch of industrial and commercial administration. The company is established by Shanghai Laofengxiang Company and ARTURO UGO DI MODICA , the designer of ” Wall Street financial bull”,” the Bund financial bull”. ARTURO UGO DI MODICA invests the company by the copyright of “the Bund financial bull” which is evaluated 4100000 yuan. This is the first foreign company invested by copyright inShanghai.


Introduction on the Regulations concerning the Capital Contribution in IPR or Domain Name in China

Highlight: The contribution of capital in IPR or domain name is permitted by China Company Law, though there regulates the proportion limitation on it. Bridge IP Commentary will introduce you the regulations of the investment in IPR.

Recently, a Company registered in Shanghai made its contribution of the 70% of the total registered capital of the company with domain name, which has been evaluated to be RMB 10 million yuan, and it has been the first company which made its capital contribution in domain name.