Could be Entitled to Cancel Competitor’s domain name of


(By Luo Yanjie) Generally, enterprises are always using the application of trademarks to protect their brands, but because of the strict trademark review and long review periods, sometimes enterprises could not obtain the approval of trademark registration. Even so, with regard to their famous goods, enterprises could rely on the Anti-Unfair Competition Law to protect their rights and interests. In today’s post, we will introduce and share a typical case with readers.

Introduction to the Case:


How to Decide the Domain Name Belonging When It Conflicts with Renowned Names?

(By Albert Chen) Our website has introduced readers to the dispute between Ms. Yue and Mr. Zhou Libo, a popular talk show act in China. Yue, the plaintiff, lost the case in the first instance, because the court decided that her domain name registration was likely infringement, and that the domain name shall be Zhou Libo’s property. Yue subsequently appealed to a higher court, and the court in the second instance also refused her demands.

Today, our website would introduce to our readers the standards and methods utilized in determining when infringement involving conflicts between domain name owners and a well known name occurs, based on the judgments of the first and the second instance courts.


Different Judicial Opinions from Cases on Name Trademarks and Domain Name Conflicts in China

By Albert Chen

In the first half of this year, our website posted an essay discussing the domain name dispute heard in the Shanghai No. 2 Intermediate People’s Court (“Shanghai Court”) concerning the renowned comedian Zhou Libo. Recently, the Beijing No. 1 Intermediate People’s Court (“Beijing Court”) decided a very similar case. Yet there were very different standards used to decide the different cases in Beijing and Shanghai. The most critical point is the determination of whether, after receiving the invitation to buy the domain name, the rights holder had bad faith during registration and use of the domain name.


Will Daily Deal Website Lashou Lost its domain name for trademark infringement?

Highlight: a well-known daily deal website in China, says that the trademark of “拉手(Chinese pronunciation: lashou)”and“拉手团购(Chinese pronunciation: lashou tuangou)”have not be registered. For this, Bridge IPR Commentary made the retrieval and also put forward our advice.

It’s reported that is not approved for it’s application of the trademark “拉手”and“拉手团购”for their similarity to the registered ones, thus may bring the trademark conflict and the risk of losing its domain name If the reported facts do exist, the market of and its operating company Beijing Lashou Internet Technology Co., Ltd (hereinafter called as “Lashou Company”) may be influenced hereby, and even its IPO could be delayed.


Introduction on the Regulations concerning the Capital Contribution in IPR or Domain Name in China

Highlight: The contribution of capital in IPR or domain name is permitted by China Company Law, though there regulates the proportion limitation on it. Bridge IP Commentary will introduce you the regulations of the investment in IPR.

Recently, a Company registered in Shanghai made its contribution of the 70% of the total registered capital of the company with domain name, which has been evaluated to be RMB 10 million yuan, and it has been the first company which made its capital contribution in domain name.