Why Did NCA Officials Attend Sohu.com’s Press Conference against Toutiao.com?

(By You Yunting) Recently, Sohu vs Toutiao has attracted attention from the media. Sohu sued Toutiao for copyright infringement and unfair competition, whilst Toutiao filed lawsuits against Sohu for defamation. It is quite normal for two enterprises in competition to take legal proceedings against each other. However, what really surprised us was, in their dispute, that governmental officials attended Sohu’s press conference, in favor of Sohu. In today’s post, we will discuss the reason for theimproper governmental interference. Comments and suggestions are most welcome.


Four Problems of China Supreme Court‘ s Judicial Interpretation on Crackdown of Web Rumor

(By You Yunting) Recently, the Supreme People’s Court and the Supreme People’s Procuratorate jointly issued the Interpretations on Some Issues Concerning the Application of Laws for in the Handling of Defamation via Information Networks and Other Criminal Cases (hereinafter the “Judicial Interpretation”).

Upon reading the whole text of the Judicial Interpretation, in the author’s opinion, this Judicial Interpretation has a bad negative impact upon the rule of law and freedom of speech rather than the positive value of cracking down on web rumors and purifying the environment of internet, because of considering that this Judicial Interpretation attempts to use the idea of “governing the country with severe law during the trouble times” to solve the web rumors so that current crackdown against web rumors is too hard and the legislative proceedings of this Judicial Interpretation are defective .
II. The Problem in Violation of the Principle of Legality