Why Does Shanghai Court Dismiss a Non-use-Oriented Trademark Register in Malicious Lawsuit?

(By Yue Mengyan) There are many applicants who register a tremendous number of trademarks without the use-oriented purpose. Moreover, they register trademarks on obvious malicious purpose. In such situation, their enforcement for trademark protection shall be limited and their claims for compensation against trademark infringement may not be favored by the court.

Case Introduction

Appellant (Plaintiff at the first instance): Guangzhou Zhinanzhen Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. (the “ZHINANZHEN”)


How to Settle Trademark and Trade Name Conflict in China

By Albert Chen

For the prior approval on the company name by the administration of industry and commerce as well as the preliminary examination by the trademark authority in China, no material checks on any conflict against first rights would be conducted. And that has resulted in the numerous conflicts between the trade name and trademark. In today’s post, you could see our opinions on the settlement of the conflict.

I. The administrative way

It is feasible to settle the trademark and trade name conflict through administrative way in China. By Opinions on Several Issues concerning the Settlement on the Conflict between Trademark and Trade Name (the “Opinions”) issued by the SAIC (the State Administration of Industry and Commerce), the conflict occurred within a province shall be settled as in charge of the provincial administration of industry and commerce, and those involves different provinces, shall be settled by SAIC.


Apple Lost the Trademark Opposition against Red Apple Trademark after the Proceeding for 10 Years

According to the report of hc360.com (the news is in Chinese), Beijing High People’s Court adjudicated the final judgment on the trademark opposition filed by Apple Inc (Apple) against Zhejiang Red Apple Electronic Co., Ltd. (Zhejiang Red Apple) on 28th November, 2011, Ltd, rejecting Apple’s opposition on the defendant’s registered trademark in class 9 of CCTV monitor. Till then the proceeding of the case for 10 years is finally ended up.

Early in November of 2002, Zhejiang Red Apple’s application of red apple trademark was approved by China Trademark Office, and afterwards opposed by Apple, who demanded no approval for the mark, for the similarity between the red apple image and the first applied Apple trademark. Despite the opposition, the trademark office approved the application and issued the “Image Trademark Opposition Ajudication”, (2007) Trademark Yi Zi No. 3887 on 27th August, 2007.