Why China Court Decision Requires Software Interface Primary Aesthetics under Protection?

(By Luo Yanjie) Pursuant to the Copyright Law, the works shall be original with primary aesthetics. From this point, most software interface can’t receive protection from the Copyright law, because most software interfaces are designated in a simple arrangement for the purpose of easy-to-use and thus are likely to be considered as lack of “distinctiveness”. The judgment in the following case set forth the theory.

Introduction to the Case:

Appellant (defendant at first instance): Shenzhen Tenda Technology Co., Ltd (the “Tenda”)


Whether Patented Products’ Profit Influences the duty to Reward Inventors?


Other local laws and regulations cannot be used in legal judgments. Furthermore, enterprises shall award to the employee proper remuneration regardless of profitability.

(By Luo Yanjie) Patent carries huge value to enterprises; key patents can be especially valuable, because they are often only gained after a great deal of expense. Because of this, according to relevant provisions in the Patent Law, the right to apply for a patent belongs to an entity for any invention-creation, either made by a person in the course of executing tasks of the entity he belongs to, or made by him by primarily utilizing material and technical means belonging to the entity. Inventors having rights over inventions is well accepted, but a difficult position for the inventor to be in; often, we find the laws to be inadequate to properly serve and protect the interests of the inventor-creator. In today’s post, we will introduce to you a case touching upon this legal issue.


Introduction and Legal Analysis on the Patent Design Dispute between the Honda CRV And Shuanghuan Auto


(By Luo YanjieThe patented design dispute between Shuanghuan Auto and Honda Motor Co., Ltd. (the “Honda”) has been a subject of strong focus within the industry. With the review of the case in the Supreme People’s Court, it determined the patented design right enjoyed by Honda and overthrew the annulled sentences in the first and second instance, The case has been battled through the courts for eight years, and now returns to its starting point. This post will discuss the arguments adopted in a review of the sentence, and why it shall be different from those in the first and second instance.


SINO-RUSSIA PPH Has Started from 1st July

By Huang Mengren

The SINO-RUSSIA PPH program will start from this 1st July, this program is similar to those of SINO-USA and SINO-JAPAN. And the following is our past essay on the PPH program between China and other countries.

The Patent Prosecution Highway is Piloting in China

—introduction on PPH programs between China and USA, Japan

Recently, China government has speeded up the process of international patent cooperation. Currently, the Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) Program between China and several other countries has started or prepared to start. Among the cooperations, the Sino-Japan PPH is piloting from 1st November, 2011, the Sino-America PPH will be carried out on 1st December, 2011, and Sino-Korea program will start from March, 2012.


To Accelerate Overseas Patent Layout by PPH System

By the news released on the website of the State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO), the PPH respectively between China and Japan, USA, Germany, South Korea has been launched for a test run of 1 year.

Then what is PPH? What benefit may company gain from it in the patent layout? DeBund Law Offices, the mother institution of our website, is qualified as the patent agency institution. Today, we invite Mr. Gao Shaoyi, who once worked in Huawei as the patent engineer to share us his understanding on the PPH sysem.


Introduction to the China Patent Exploitation License Contract Record System

Recently, our lawyers are consulted for the necessity and attentive point of patent exploitation license record, and as a professional patent agency qualified by the administration, DeBund Law Offices provides the service of application of the license contract record for the global client in China. Today we will introduce the system of the paten exploitation license contract record in China.

I. The function of the administrative record

1. The information disclosure

For the data coming from the patent exploitation license record, the State Intellectual Property Organization (“SIPO”) has established a special data base, which is available for public check. And in addition, for the registered data, SIPO also makes the record on Patent Register and will also make a publication on the Patent Gazzete.


What If the Patent Infringement Lawsuit Apple vs HTC in China?

Which Chinese authority has the jurisdiction over the patent infringement?

Recently, the International Trade Commission of United State ruled on the patent conflict between Apple and HTC, determining that HTC has infringed the No.647 patent of Apple iPhone and banning the import of HTC’s smart phone with this patent feature from 19th, April, 2012.

For the case, Bridge IP Law Commentary would like to discuss a problem that which authority shall have the jurisdiction over the conflict shall it occurred in China? In fact, there’s no similar administration like ITC in China considering the IPR conflict with foreign products involved, and the administration duty on the infringement combat mainly focuses on the fake patent, namely those products claimed being patented or claiming owning others patent. Although the administration will handle some patent conflicts of unlicensed using, the complicated dispute, like the one between Apple and HTC, is mainly handled by the court.


The Patent Application of 2-Dimensional Bar Code in China

According to the New York Times, 2-dimensional bar code technology has been applied in some television shopping programs in USA, where a scan of the onscreen 2-dimensiaonal bar code would put the product directly in the viewer’s shopping cart. In the mobile internet age, 2-dimensional bar code technology could enjoy a wide application area, however, that also necessarily leads to the battle of intellectual property on such technology just like other patent competitions over mobile technology.

The 2-dimensional bar code technology has been rapidly developing in recent years in China. According to the preliminary retrieval by Bridge IP Commentary concerning the application of 2-dimensional bar code in China on October 9th, 2011, there were over 650 patents applied with the 2-dimensional as the key word, and through preliminary analysis, these patents have the following characteristics: