Why Wasn’t Baidu Library Protected Under Safe Harbor Principle?


(By Luo Yanjie) In our previous post Baidu Library Ordered to Pay Huge Huge Compensation on for Copyright Infringement, we discussed the amount of the compensation in the case of Beijing China Youth Book Inc. vs Baidu Library. Yesterday, we found out the reasoning and judgment held by Beijing No.1 Intermediate People’s Court. Thus, in today’s post we will analyze the legal basis about this case from the perspective of the judgment.

Introduction to the Case:

Plaintiff: Beijing China Youth Book Inc. (the “Youth Book Inc.”)


Is Evasi0n 7.0 Illegal to Install Software for iOS Jailbreak Device?


(By You Yunting) Recently, Evad3rs released a new jailbreak tool called Evasi0n7.0 for Apple’s iOS 7 with Chinese name “太极7”. Due to Evasi0n 7.0 forcing Chinese jailbreak users to the default installation of TaiG app store in China, all public opinions on domestic Internet websites are criticism-oriented and most reports stated that Evasi0n 7.0 was a counterfeit software tool.

The principal Pod2g of Evad3rs team today expressed his opinions on Twitter that Evad3rs have decided to remotely disable the default installation of TaiG app store in China for further investigations on the piracy issue. As an intellectual property lawyer, I paid great attention to this issue. I hope this post has broached several legal problems as follows.