Ctrip was Fined RMB 1.5 Million by China NDRC for Imposing Train Ticket Insurance

ctrip(By You Yunting) Recently it is at the peak passenger flow of Chinese Lunar Spring Festival in China. Billions of people would take train back hometown. Therefore, Chinese governments enhanced its suppression and punishment to illegal acts relevant to train tickets purchase. The day before yesterday, the Chinese National Development and Reform Commission published a notice (note: the link is in Chinese):

   Some companies, who sell airline tickets and train tickets but who had raised arbitrary fees and prices at the peak passenger flow, were got severe punishment. Tieyou.com under Ctrip.com was fined 1.5 million yuan due to its imposing an insurance fee counting from 10 to 20 yuan in selling train tickets. Now Tieyou. Com accepts such punishment and changes compulsory insurance purchase into an optional one.

Virtually, six month ago, our website once introduced a post regarding the illegality of Ctrip.com imposing a compulsory sale with its train ticket offerings.

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