The Shanghai Branch of CIETAC Changed Its Name

Today, we noticed an announcement published on the website of the Shanghai Branch of the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission stating that it has changed its name to the Shanghai International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (the “Shanghai Commission”). At the same time, it will begin to use the name of Shanghai International Arbitration Center. Additionally, starting on May 1, 2013, the Shanghai Commission will begin using new Arbitration Rules and a new arbitrator name list.

But, we wish to remind our readers that the Shanghai Commission’s name change was done unilaterally. Although the Shanghai city government approved this action, other places in China are not under Shanghai’s jurisdiction. Therefore, it remains unknown whether other courts might refuse to enforce the Shanghai Commission’s decisions when the parties apply for enforcement under the New York Convention, or whether they might delay the enforcement of the case but not refuse to implement it outright. This all remains unknown, and, for this reason, we suggest that our readers carefully consider before selecting an arbitration commission to settle disputes and thus avoid unnecessary hardship.

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  1. it shows a trend to legal separatism,just like economic localism.what a pity!

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