SIPO: 172,113 Granted Invention Patent in China 2011

Recently, the State IP Office (“SIPO”) held a News Conference, on which Mr. Gan Shaoning, the deputy director of the administration, announced China’s patent statistic of 2011 (the image above is the picture of the conference ). For your reference, Bridge IP Law Commentary translates the news on (note: the link is in Chinese) as follows.

I. The Rank of Provinces, Cities and Enterprises on Patent Granting in China, 2011

There has granted 172,113 invention patent by the SIPO in 2011, up 27.4% year to year, among which, 112,347are granted to the inventors at home, namely 65.3% of the total, up 65.3% year to year.

The top ten provinces (excluding HK, Macau and Taiwan) of invention patent granting in 2011 are Guangdong with 18,242, Beijing with 15,880, Jiangsu with 11,043, Shanghai with 9,160, Zhejiang with 9,135, Shandong with 5,856, Sichuan with 3,270, Liaoning with 3,164, Hubei with 3,160 and Shanxi with 3,139.

The top ten cities (excluding the municipalities directly under the central government) of invention patent granting in 2011 are Shenzhen with 11,826, Hangzhou with 4,509, Nanjing with 3,457, Guangzhou with 3,146, Xian with 2,738, Wuhan with 2,585, Suzhou with 2,486, Chengdu with 2,403, Wuxi with 1,819 and Changsha with 1,767.

The top ten domestic enterprises (including HK, Macau and Taiwan adopted ones) of invention patent granting in 2011 are ZTE with 3,178, HUAWEI with 2,751, Foxconn (TWSE: 2317, SEHK: 2038, LSE: HHPD, NASDAQ: HNHPF, OTCBB: HNHPF) with 862, Sinopec Group (SSE: 600028, SEHK:0386, NYSE: SNP, LSE: SNP) with 587, H3C patent, AUO patent, BYD (SEHK: 1211) with 453, DTmoblie (SEHK: 0981, NYSE: SMIC) with 367, SMIC with 364 and Inventec with 320.

Until the end of 2011, there are 351, 288 valid Chinese invention patents with higher quality, patent technologies and market value, accordingly, 2.37 invention patents owed by per 10,000 people, which, at the first time, surpass those by foreign individuals or entities.

In 2011, there has been filed 17,473 PTC international patent applications in SIPO, up 35.3% year to year. As to the provinces, Guangdong, Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang are ranked in the top five.

II. The Problems Reflected in the Invention Patent Application and Granting at Home

  1. There’s still a gap between the patents at home and those applied abroad, though it has seen a rapid development in the application and granting number. In 2011, the total amount of applications for invention patents and granted invention patents reached a new step, with the application in invention more than 500, 000 and more than 170, 000 was granted, up 27.4% year to year. However, to analyze comprehensively, the gap with the overseas still exists, for example the document demanded for clarification and picture are respectively of 6 items and 8 pages in domestic application, while 16 items and 28 pages for those applied by foreign entities and individuals.
  2. The unbalanced development among the regions. In 2011, the top six provinces (cities) with most granted or applied invention are all located in the coastal economically developed areas, whose granting and application occupy 60% of the total amount among 31 provinces (cities), and that shows kind of regional concentration of the patent. While on the other hand, those applied and granted in the western region only be a quarter of the total.
  3. The advantages of the traditional technologies are maintained, but the key technologies are looking for a breakthrough. In 2011, among 35 areas, the advantages in the traditional areas such as the food, chemical, civil engineering, medicine, etc. saw a further development, however the overseas patent distribution is relatively intensive in some high technology areas, especially, the optical, transportation, audio and video technology, medical technology, semiconductor and engine areas, in which, the amount of granted invention patents owned by foreigners is much more than the domestic.

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