SIPO: 172,113 Granted Invention Patent in China 2011

Recently, the State IP Office (“SIPO”) held a News Conference, on which Mr. Gan Shaoning, the deputy director of the administration, announced China’s patent statistic of 2011 (the image above is the picture of the conference ). For your reference, Bridge IP Law Commentary translates the news on (note: the link is in Chinese) as follows.

I. The Rank of Provinces, Cities and Enterprises on Patent Granting in China, 2011

There has granted 172,113 invention patent by the SIPO in 2011, up 27.4% year to year, among which, 112,347are granted to the inventors at home, namely 65.3% of the total, up 65.3% year to year.


Reconciliation in Patent Dispute between Ericsson and ZTE: While No Release of the Actual Compensation

According to the report (in Chinese) of Donews, a tech website in China, Ericsson (NASDAQ:ERIC) and ZTE (SEHK: 0763, SZSE: 000063) have signed a global cross license agreement and agree to withdraw all the lawsuits against each other, while, on the other hand, no disclosure on the patent fee paid by ZTE to Ericsson.

In April of 2011, Ericsson filed a lawsuit against ZTE in Germany, UK and Italy, claiming the infringement against its patent of GSM and 3G/UMTS wireless technology. After that, there saw a heavy fall of the stock price both in A and H market of ZTE, which was the new lowest price then. And until closing on Wednesday then (19th, January), the price of it in the A stock market was encountered a decline limit and a plunge of 7% in H stock market. According to the stock agent, that mainly resulted from the possible influence of the lawsuit initiated by Ericsson on the achievement in 2011 of ZTE.


China Mobile Devices Alliance against Patent Lawsuit from International Giant

Bridge IP Law Commentary once posted the essay on the patent battle between HTC and Apple, with our advices and opinions attached. And the event also caught the attention of local mobile manufacturers in China. According to Nandu Daily’s latest news, to counter the possible challenge of patent lawsuit in China, ZTE, TCL, Konka and other main phone companies have formed an alliance.

China made phones are known for its high price performance and cool looking, and the android devices occupy most of the products. And just like other phone companies, China manufacturers also face the attack from Microsoft and Apple. The alliance has already participated in the lawsuit filed by Nokia against the alliance members.

What has to be acknowledged is that the total patent owned by the alliance could still not rival with those of the international giants’. While, on the other hand, the incomplete of the domestic legislature may be the safe harbor of the local companies, and the international companies have not finished their layout in China. Furthermore, the rapid technology update could also be the chance to tip the balance.


The Patent Application of 2-Dimensional Bar Code in China

According to the New York Times, 2-dimensional bar code technology has been applied in some television shopping programs in USA, where a scan of the onscreen 2-dimensiaonal bar code would put the product directly in the viewer’s shopping cart. In the mobile internet age, 2-dimensional bar code technology could enjoy a wide application area, however, that also necessarily leads to the battle of intellectual property on such technology just like other patent competitions over mobile technology.

The 2-dimensional bar code technology has been rapidly developing in recent years in China. According to the preliminary retrieval by Bridge IP Commentary concerning the application of 2-dimensional bar code in China on October 9th, 2011, there were over 650 patents applied with the 2-dimensional as the key word, and through preliminary analysis, these patents have the following characteristics: