The Choice for Apple in China: Patent Lawsuit or Lower Price

According to the news of, for the fast developing and immensely potential mobile phone market in China, Apple has adjusted its phone strategy focusing on the increasing of the market penetration, which however facing the competition from the local manufacturer in China. For such challenges, Apple seems to be tending to file the patent lawsuit for more market share in the country.

In fact, Apple is actively suing its competitor globe-wide. Previously, Apple has filed patent lawsuit against SAMSUNG and HTC in U.S.A., Australia and Europe for its market share is eaten up by android phones, while for the robust iPhone market in England, no same or similar litigation has been initiated by Apple.


China Mobile Devices Alliance against Patent Lawsuit from International Giant

Bridge IP Law Commentary once posted the essay on the patent battle between HTC and Apple, with our advices and opinions attached. And the event also caught the attention of local mobile manufacturers in China. According to Nandu Daily’s latest news, to counter the possible challenge of patent lawsuit in China, ZTE, TCL, Konka and other main phone companies have formed an alliance.

China made phones are known for its high price performance and cool looking, and the android devices occupy most of the products. And just like other phone companies, China manufacturers also face the attack from Microsoft and Apple. The alliance has already participated in the lawsuit filed by Nokia against the alliance members.

What has to be acknowledged is that the total patent owned by the alliance could still not rival with those of the international giants’. While, on the other hand, the incomplete of the domestic legislature may be the safe harbor of the local companies, and the international companies have not finished their layout in China. Furthermore, the rapid technology update could also be the chance to tip the balance.


The Untimely Chinese Labor Contract Law

     ——Layoff Difficulty of Nokia, Groupon and Ku6, the influence of untimely and inappropriate regulations in Labor Contract law

Highlights: The untimely and inappropriate regulations on layoffs in Labor Contract Law fails to meet the current development demands of the company, the legal obstacle deteriorates competitiveness of the company and limits company’s desires on employment.

Recently, four Chinese companies met difficulties due to cuts were brought to our attention., a Chinese deal-of-the-day website jointly invested by and Tencent (SEHK 700), started mass layoff, which raised a concerns and protestations from its employees; someone even chose the suit for the dissatisfaction on the compensation. Shortly after that, Nokia (NASDAQ: NOK) and Nokia Siemens Networks were also doubted due to  its illegal layoff procedure. And what’s more, the earlier layoff of KU6 (NASDAQ:KUTV) led to physical aggression and outbursts.