“Do Not Hire Agreements” among Google, Intel, Apple and Other Tech Firms Violates Chinese Laws?


(By You Yunting) As reported, the CEOs of tech giants Apple, Intel, and Google might be forced to go to court to account for mutual unwritten agreements about not soliciting each other’s workers for employment. These cases started due to the dissatisfaction of relevant employees, who believed that such “do not hire agreements” damaged that legal rights and interests. The news has also revealed emails from former Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, threatening Palm and Google and demanding that they stop using headhunters to obtain the email addresses of Apple employees. This news also raised the concerns within the industry.


The Untimely Chinese Labor Contract Law

     ——Layoff Difficulty of Nokia, Groupon and Ku6, the influence of untimely and inappropriate regulations in Labor Contract law

Highlights: The untimely and inappropriate regulations on layoffs in Labor Contract Law fails to meet the current development demands of the company, the legal obstacle deteriorates competitiveness of the company and limits company’s desires on employment.

Recently, four Chinese companies met difficulties due to cuts were brought to our attention.  Gaopeng.com, a Chinese deal-of-the-day website jointly invested by Groupon.com and Tencent (SEHK 700), started mass layoff, which raised a concerns and protestations from its employees; someone even chose the suit for the dissatisfaction on the compensation. Shortly after that, Nokia (NASDAQ: NOK) and Nokia Siemens Networks were also doubted due to  its illegal layoff procedure. And what’s more, the earlier layoff of KU6 (NASDAQ:KUTV) led to physical aggression and outbursts.