The Latest Progress of iPad Lawsuits

The two lawsuits concerning the iPad trademarks have both gained the new progress in this month (2012.6)

For the trial between Apple and Proview, as introduced by the spokesman of the Guangdong People’s High Court’s Foreign Affair Office, the case will not be judged in recent for the companies are in the negotiation for the renegotiation with the presiding of the court. By the Civil Procedure Law

“In trying an appealed case against a judgment, the people s court shall make a final judgment within three months after the case was filed as one of second instance. Any extension of the term necessitated by special circumstances shall be subject to the approval of the president of the said court.”


According to China Court’s First Instance Judgement, Apple Loses the iPad Trademark

According to the latest news, Shenzhen Media People’s Court judged on the iPad trademark conflict between Apple Inc (the “Apple”) and Proview Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (the “Proview”), and Apple’s claim of Proview’s infringement against its trademark was rejected. That means the ownership of iPad trademark in China still belongs to Proview.

For this case, Bridge IP Law Commentary has expressed our opinions and analysis in the No “iPad” Chinese trademark right for Apple after payment in the transaction. And we anticipate that Apple may appeal to the higher court, while the case may end up in the consequence that Apple shall lose iPad trademark in mainland China shall the higher court maintained the judgment.