Is It Illegal for 360buy Blocking Etao’s Price Comparisonand Plugin?

Today we are going to discuss legal problems concerning the 360buy blocking, Alibaba’s price comparison website,’ and its plug-ins. And it shall be first pointed out, the author has no relation with either party of the event. The introduction to the event background:

In November of 2011, 360buy took technical measures to block the price search engine of Etao, who afterwards replied it would no longer index the price data of 360buy by Weibo. Yet in the price war between 360buy and Suning, Etao again published the live price comparison between 360buy and other online shopping stores. And in recent, 360buy further blocked the browser plug-in of Etao on, and the plug-in is designed to show the prices on different websites of the same product. Etao stated 360buy is paralyzing its software.


Is Microsoft Involved in Corruption in China in Genuine Software Trend?

According to the report of local media in China (note: the link is in Chinese), the genuine software trend led by China authority has aroused corrupt, and the officers of Shenyang copyright department, a city in North China, have been punished for their misfeasance in the introduction of genuine software, and Microsoft Inc and its local sales agents are also involved in the scandal.

The Discipline Inspection Committee of CPC in Shenyang City and Shenyang Monitor Department recently investigated a case of forced purchase by cybercafé owner with the pressure from Shenyang Culture and Broadcast Administration. And the investigator claimed the scandal is the inharmonious sound in the construction of software environment, and also an unwise measure damaging the interests of enterprise and social public. The chief office of copyright office of Shenyang Culture and Broadcast Administration Pan Hai Long failed to follow the local regulation “Program on Promoting the Genuine Software Using in Cybercafes” in the administrative act, which demands the group buying, central purchasing and public bidding, and negotiated the purchase price directly with Microsoft accompanied with staffs from the industry association.