Why Ronghe Shaofang Wine constituted Trademark Infringement to Maotai Wine?


(By You Yunting)Maotai, a well-known Chinese baijiu (the classic Chinese alcohol made from distilled sorghum that averages an alcohol content from of 53 percent), is made in Maotai Town, Huanren city in Guizhou Province. In Maotai town, there are many liquor factories but only the KWEICHOW MOUTAI CO., LTD (the “MOUTAI”) holds the “贵州茅台酒” trademark (the “disputed trademark”). On account of “Maotai” brand name glamour, such free riders likeother liquor factories’ use of the disputed trademark often happen. We would like to introduce a typical case regarding that Guizhou Ronghe Shaofang Wine Business Limited Company used a same bottle label and packaging with that of Maotai Wine but carries its “荣和”(pronounced “Ronghe” in English)brand in our today’s post. The final binding judgment contained by Beijing No.2 Intermediate People’s Court decided that such act of using the same bottle label and  packaging constituted trademark infringement.


China Court: AppStore Could Not Enjoy Safe Harbor Principle in Apple VS. Writer Alliance (Updated)


(By You YuntingUpdate: Apple made the following statement to the recently made court decision:

In AppStore, Chinese users could get more than 700,000 best apps from Apple developers. And as a holder of intellectual property, it has always been Apple’s awareness the importance of IPR protection, and thereby we carefully treat each infringement complaint. Apple cherishes the opinions and advices put forward by China Written Works Copyright Society, China Writers Association and Internet Society of China. For a better aid to the right protection of the content owners, Apple would continue improving the service quality.


Encyclopedia vs Apple: Why AppStore Could Not Ship into Safe Harbor?

By You Yunting

As reported by media, Beijing No.2 Intermediate People’s Court made the first instance decision for infringement claims made by Encyclopedia of China Publishing House (Encyclopedia) agains Apple’s AppStore. With the decision, Apple shall compensate Encyclopedia RMB 520, 000 yuan and immediately cease the infringement. In current, no intention to appeal has been expressed by Apple.

Case: Encyclopedia discovered Apple’s user could purchase and download apps of its copyrighted works, which could be read in iPhone and iPad. With the anger of the infringement, Encyclopedia filed a lawsuit against Apple, who counter-stroke that the actuall operator of AppStore is a company registered in Luxembourg, not Apple. And Apple provided no services in the process of software uploading, and therefore Apple shall be with no engagement in the dispute.