Why No Solution to “Box Office Stealing” under the Current Laws in China?


(By You Yunting) Abstract: the author was interviewed: is “box office stealing” mainly a result of a defect in GAPP’s legislature (the General Administration of Press and Publication) and SARFT (State Administration of Radio, Film and Television)? For this issue, the author’s opinion is that the administration and governance over the film industry is the real reason this problem arises, because there is really no way this would happen otherwise, and its unlikely those right holders would try to protect their rights, making the aggressive parties even more aggressive. Thus we would only see the bad drives out the good.


China’s Latest Laws and Regulations as of October 2012, II

V. The Supreme People’s Court Published its Third Group of Guiding Cases.

The Supreme People’s Court published the third group of guiding cases on September 28, 2012. Four cases were published, including two civil cases and two criminal cases. The two civil cases mainly concern the concrete application of the Company Law and further clarify the scope of judicial review for litigation to cancel company’s resolutions and shareholder liability for liquidation. The two criminal cases concern new methods of embezzlement and corruption and limited stay of execution with reprieve.