Why Did the Court Verify the Validity of a Company’s Trademark Transfer 5 Years after Its Cancellation?

(By You Yunting) The Luzhou Qian Nian Liquor Co., Ltd. (“Company L”) found that its competitor, the Shandong-based Zhu Ge Jia Liquor Co., Ltd. (“Company S”) acquired three trademarks from a company that had its registration for the marks cancelled five years prior to the trademark transfer. Following this, Company L filed a request to have the trademark revoked, because it had not been used for a continuous three-year period. However, the Trademark Office denied the application, and Company L requested a review of the decision, which was also rejected, leading Company L to ultimately file an administrative lawsuit. In the lawsuit, Company L was equally unsuccessful, and the court refused its demands in both the first and second instance. Following a series of rejections, Company L then appealed the case to the Supreme People’s Court (“Supreme Court”) for a rehearing. 


More Attention on Brand Protection in West China

Highlights: To introduce the brand protection system in China, involving protection on registered trademark, well-known trademark regulated in Trademark Law as well as on noted trademark, famous trademark and top brand provided in local regulations.

According to Chinese media, Lanzhou Administration for Industry & Commerce in Gansu Province of West China launched the first noted trademark selection from August, 2011, and anyone owning registered trademark, whether an individual, corporation or other organizations, may participate in the selection. The report also says the noted trademark system in Lanzhou will be gradually established for more Gansu famous trademarks and China well-known trademarks in the city. Such news shows that more and more attention is being paid to brand construction and intellectual property protection in the relatively less-developed western region of China.