The Patent Prosecution Highway is Piloting in China

—introduction on PPH programs between China and USA, Japan

Recently, China government has speeded up the process of international patent cooperation. Currently, the Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) Program between China and several other countries has started or prepared to start. Among the cooperations, the Sino-Japan PPH is piloting from 1st November, 2011, the Sino-America PPH will be carried out on 1st December, 2011, and Sino-Korea program will start from March, 2012.

PPH allows applicants to obtain corresponding patents faster and more efficiently, avoids unnecessary repeated works of the OSF, simplifies the prosecution procedure and benefits the applicant as well as the industry. PPH was first tried out by and between U.S.A and Japan in 2006, and officially operated from 2008. So far, South Korea and some European countries have participated in the program.


Brief Introduction on the Assessment Report of Utility Models Patents in China

Highlight: Introducing what kind of role does the assessment report play in utility model patent litigation, and also we will analyze the characteristics of it.

As patent lawyers, we’re often consulted by clients that what measures could be taken to against the infringement on their patent? The answer from us is that the novelty retrieval report or patent assessment report is demanded before the utility models suits, depending on the application date. (For those utility models applied before 1st Oct. 2009, the novelty retrieval report shall be applied, while those applied after that, the assessment report shall be applied accompanied, and we will discuss the differences between the reports in other essays on the website).