A Case Showing the Legal Effectiveness of Property Transfer Signed on the Behalf of a Spouse

Case Summary:

(By Zhang Fan) A and B are married. After being married, the couple established a real estate company through joint investment, by which A holds eighty percent of the shares and the owns the remaining twenty percent. C and D wish to purchase all of the company’s shares, to which both A and B agree. Additionally, both participate in the preliminary negotiation with C. Afterwards, however, negotiation was only carried out between A and C, and A signed on behalf of B on the concluded Share Transfer Contract, Shareholders Decision, and the documents prepared for the change of administration. As provided in the Share Transfer Contract, A’s eighty percent share option would be transferred to C, and B’s twenty percent share option would be transferred to D. B did not sign her name on the contract. After the payment by C to A for the share transfer, both parties went to the Administration for Industry and Commerce to register the change. Now the share holding of the company is eighty percent for C and twenty for B (B never took care of the registration transferring ownership to D).


Trademark or Company Name, Which One is on Priority in China?

Highlight: To introduce the laws and regulations concerning the conflict between trademark and company names in China and matters in need of attention regarding foreign companies applying for in trademarks.

Case study: Beijing Baoma (北京宝马), the company of BMW Group’s first agent in mainland China and the first one translated BMW to the current popular Chinese name Baoma (宝马), which means speeding horse and has become a vivid symbol of their vehicles, was demanded to change its name by BMW Group, under the pressure that even more the parties may get litigated against each other.