Why China’s Courts Held an Ambiguous Attitude to the Rush Registration of Another’s Works as a Trademark?

When handling a dispute between trademark and copyright, Chinese courts always apply a rather high standard to determine whether works protected under trademark law will also receive protection under the copyright law. Our website previously discussed this question in the posts Analysis on Proof Requirements in Figurative Trademark Infringing Others’ Copyright Cases by China Court and Why the Calligraphic Character’s Copyright Failed to Defeat Trademark Right.Today, we’d like to introduce a case regarding conflicts between a work of fine art and a trademark, due to the identical combination of Chinese characters and English letters.


Trademark or Company Name, Which One is on Priority in China?

Highlight: To introduce the laws and regulations concerning the conflict between trademark and company names in China and matters in need of attention regarding foreign companies applying for in trademarks.

Case study: Beijing Baoma (北京宝马), the company of BMW Group’s first agent in mainland China and the first one translated BMW to the current popular Chinese name Baoma (宝马), which means speeding horse and has become a vivid symbol of their vehicles, was demanded to change its name by BMW Group, under the pressure that even more the parties may get litigated against each other.